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5 Great Boating Towns In The US

Sales of pontoon boats in the US are increasing quite considerably, Soundings Trade Only (  reporting a 12.2% rise during the whole of 2013. There are a number of factors influencing more and more American families to take to the water in one of these great boats.

1. Pontoon boats can carry a considerable number of people. Many people enjoy boating as a hobby or sport because it can involve the whole family. Some pontoons can hold up to 18 people.

2. Pontoon boats are relatively cheap to buy. A second hand one can be as little as $10,000, while new can range from the same sort of figure to over $100,000 at the top end of the market (

3. They are extremely versatile; you can do pretty much anything on the water in a pontoon boat, and with their shallow draft they can get into many places that other boats can’t. If you enjoy gunkholing, this is the boat for you.

4. After the worst of the recession, American household incomes are increasing again, so there is more cash available to spend on luxuries.

5. The Wall Street Journal ( reports that banks are becoming a little more flexible in their lending.

There are some really great boating towns in the US, in Oregon, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and more. Here are five of the best places for boating and generally messing about on the water.



A great place to take your pontoon, especially if you enjoy fishing ( . You can spend the day on the water, or moor up in the downtown area where there are slips for just $1 an hour. So you can go shopping, have a meal in one of the many waterside restaurants and cafes, and get back on the water as soon as you like. Tampa Bay is also noted for having no less than 361 days sunshine every year, so don’t forget the sun lotion.

Tampa Bay has more than 100 tributaries running into it, so there is a lot of waterfront, and in the last couple of years there has been a considerable amount of development, which means that housing is plentiful.

There is a zoo for the kids to visit which has a sea lion attraction in the spring, music festivals, a food festival, a wine festival, and a Christmas market, among other things.



Fort Lauderdale has no less than 165 miles of canals and waterways, so even on a pontoon you probably won’t get around it all in a week. The marina and boating business is a major part of the city’s income, topping $5 billion annually, and it is also home to the world’s largest boat show where the boats are actually in the water.

You can moor up at Las Olas Boulevard where the restaurants will serve your meal to you on your pontoon. There are no less than 17 blocks of sidewalk cafes, art galleries and fine dining, together with a great night life and what the locals refer to as “world class” shopping.

Gulfstream Park offers horse racing and a range of casinos, while Flamingo Gardens encompasses 60 acres of native and exotic plants and animals, with a ”free flight” aviary and – obviously – flamingos.

The Museum of Discovery and Science is home to the world’s largest living coral reef in captivity, and there are snakes, bats, and an aerospace exhibit. Great fun for all the family.



Described as a boater’s paradise, Traverse City is on the north shore of Lake Michigan, although not a city in the accepted sense of the term, having a population of less than 15,000.

The waterfront is neat and largely publicly owned, with three boatyards and five marinas with a capacity of between 50 and 180 slips each. The boating season is from the middle of May through to October, and it doesn’t get too hot in the summer with an average temperature of 78 degrees F.

There is some really great fishing available for salmon, walleye, yellow perch, steelheads and trout.

Traverse City has some wonderful sandy beaches where you can tie up and have a barbecue. The area is known as the “Cherry Capital” of the world and is also famous for locally produced sweet wines.



The locals describe Portland as a big small-town, with a population of just shy of 600,000.

There are four main boatyards and over thirty marinas, each of which has more than 50 slips. Fishing is abundant with catfish, steelheads, walleye, salmon (, trout, skate, sockeye, sunfish, bass, crappie, and many more.

There is plenty of gunkholing in coves, and around towns and small islands on the Columbia river, and the boating season runs from May through to early November.

This is Oregon’s main wine region, with over 150 vineyards. There are also forty small breweries, a zoo, Japanese garden, theaters, museums and an arboretum. In addition there is a jazz festival, a spring beer and wine festival and a seafood festival.



San Diego is a great place for a pontoon boater, having six main boatyards in the Bay area, together with over 30 marinas with slips for over 7,000 boats. However, San Diego is an expensive place to live with the cost of living one third above the national average.

The weather is great all year round, with an average temperature of 50 F in the winter and 83 F in the summer. Fishing is plentiful and you can catch barracuda, bonefin, bass, Pacific mackerel, bonito, halibut and bat ray to name just a few.

There is plenty of gunkholing in the Bay area and around Coronado Island and 70 miles of coastline.

There are museums galore, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, the Palomar Observatory, theaters, restaurants and much more. Dozens of sandy beaches on which to barbecue and plenty of good surfing if you feel that active.


If you are seriously thinking of investing in a pontoon boat (and why not?) an excellent place to start is the Pontoon Boat Guide ( Here you will find video tours of the most popular pontoon boats, together with reviews and research so that you can identify the best pontoon boat for your needs.

You’ll also find operating tips, “must have” gadgets, tips for parents, and even dockside recipes for that great bass that you’ve just caught! Happy pontooning!


Bio For Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly, Managing Director of Orchards of London, has had a meteoric rise in the field of property. He founded Orchards in June 2009 at the age of 28 working from his own front room, and in five short years has grown the business to the point where it is now one of the leading property professionals in Chiswick, Ealing, and Acton with a staff of over 40.

From day one, Paul’s vision has been that the client comes first. He has always acknowledged that, without clients, you do not have a business, and he is dedicated to offering nothing less than superb service in the property field.

Paul was educated at Gunnersbury School for Boys. During his years at university, he commenced an online retail business in 2001 where he learned – as he says – the “rules” of business, and the vital importance of focusing on the client before everything else. He graduated in Business Studies and IT.

Now based in the Acton office, which was opened in September 2013, Paul oversees the day to day running and management of the company. He is actively involved in the sales, lettings, property management and financial services sides of the business, supported by the business development director, senior managers and a team of property professionals.

A fourth office in Shepherd’s Bush will be opened later in the year. Orchards of London was up against some serious competition for the prime site, and Paul is delighted that his company  managed to win the day, and that Orchards will be able to offer its full range of services to residents and people wishing to purchase property in the area.

Paul has taken great care to see that Orchards of London staff are familiar with every road in the areas covered and can give detailed information on house prices and local amenities, together with the lifestyle in these locations. Ongoing training and ensuring that every team member is kept up to date with latest developments is part of Paul’s mantra.

Paul is not only Managing Director of Orchards of London, but is also Chairman of Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants which he founded back in 2007. His ethos is simple: to make his clients search for mortgage and other financial services the easiest it could possibly be. Once again, it is a question of putting the client first and foremost, and this is what has ensured the continuing success of Paul Alexander.

Paul has also been the driving force behind Couture by Orchards of London, which launched at the beginning of 2014. This is a lifestyle magazine featuring the property market in West London and giving advice and tips on the latest décor and furnishings for the home.

In addition to his other businesses, Paul is a keen property developer and is currently undertaking conversion of a large detached house into five two-bedroomed apartments which is due to be finished in July 2014, together with a heritage site. He is also Managing Director of Centurion London which specialises in high end property development, and Chairman at The Coffee House which is due to launch in 2015.

Paul is married to Sophia and has three daughters – Grace, Ella and Phoebe. When he can find the time to take a break, he enjoys taking his family to Greece – especially Corfu – and the Maldives.

Paul is something of a fitness fanatic. He has run in the London Marathon and the Ealing Half Marathon. He is a talented amateur boxer and took part in the Park Club’s White Collar Boxing event. Orchards of London was one of the main sponsors of the evening which was attended by over 1,100 people and raised £27,500 for Russ Dawkins’ Back On Track charity.  In order to be fully fit, Paul trained for up to six days every week over a period of two months.

Paul also takes part in Iron Man which is a sporting contest demanding stamina, involving a triathlon of swimming, cycling, and running.

In addition, he competes in Tough Mudder, which is a military type of endurance test over 10 – 12 miles designed by British Special Forces and includes mental challenges such as electricity, fire, water, and heights.

Paul is also proud that his businesses get heavily involved with local charities, and he supports several primary schools, and Wasps FC. His core belief revolves around health and fitness, education and development.

There is no doubt that, with Paul Connolly at the helm, Orchards of London and his other specialist businesses are heading for even more incredible success over the next few years.


Door Replacement Montreal

Nothing says more about you and your home to the visitor than your doors and windows. In fact, your front door is usually the first thing that anyone looks at as they approach your house. Certainly, they may admire your front lawn or plants, but in general they look where they are going, which is to your front door.

It follows that in order to make the visitor welcome you need a front door which is smart, welcoming and complements the style of your home. For door replacement Montreal, look no further than Window Medics. We stock a huge range of doors to suit every type of home whether it is a traditional country house, a very modern home, detached, in a terrace, or any other sort of situation.

Take a look through our catalogue and you will find wrought iron doors, fibreglass doors and decorative glass doors in a wide range of colours and amazing designs. All our doors are built to last and are also built for total security. They contain 8 gauge security plates to reinforce the lock blocks, and we use 24 lock blocks where other doors only use 12. Our doors are all fitted with deadbolts for enhanced security. They also ride on ball bearing hinges which will give years of continuous and trouble-free performance. Gam bumpers will prevent the glass from ever rattling – even in conditions of extreme heat.

You will never suffer from draughts with a Window Medics door. Zmag weather stripping takes care of that and can actually reduce your heating costs by up to 15% as a result. The ProLux paint that we use is UV resistant and also reflects heat, which will keep air conditioning bills down in the summer. Our doors are also very easy to install.

Then there are our sliding patio doors in different swing and hinge formats to suit any situation. The rails are crafted from Canadian pine and the bottoms of the doors are pressure treated so that they cannot rot. They can be hinged off side jambs and options include three or four panel screens and a mounted interior screen. All these doors are – as you would expect – Energy Star rated.

Our garden doors are available in polyplex white, maize, green, sable, olive, and taupe to complement both the rear of your house and the design of your garden.

At Window Medics we have over 80 different doors in stock in colours including dark brown, slate grey, sandalwood, chestnut, dark cherry, Wedgwood blue, olive green, forest green, antique mahogany, and many more besides. For door replacement Montreal, Window Medics cannot be beaten.

Call us on 888-329-7116 or email us at Alternatively, just use the Contact link above and one of our friendly staff will take care of your needs immediately.


Excavator Rental In Wonga Park

When you need excavator rental in Wonga Park you can do no better than to come to the experts. Here at Support Components Hire, we do nothing other than hire out mini excavators and we know them like the backs of our hands.

As a result of our long years of experience, we have settled on the CAT as the finest all-round mini excavator both for professional and private hire. These great little machines will go where other excavators won’t, squeezing through narrow gateways and passageways with ease, because of their expandable tracks which will go down to 0.98 metres.

Furthermore, the tracks are rubber, so you won’t damage driveways and footpaths when you need to cross them.

The CAT has a reach of over 3.6 metres and will dig down to a depth of just over 2 metres, so it will handle all but the biggest of projects. CATs are very simple to operate even if you have never used one before (they’re also, as it happens, a lot of fun!). After ten minutes practice, you’ll be digging like a professional. In addition, the controls are designed ergonomically, which means that you can dig all day without getting tired.

Our CATs are mounted on a lightweight aluminium trailer which can be towed by any vehicle rated for 2 tonnes, and they come supplied with three different buckets. There is a 300 mm one, a 400 mm, and a 900 mm mud bucket to cover all eventualities. We can also supply an auger if you need one for digging fence post holes and so on.

At Support Components Hire, we open early so that you can get your job off to a good start, and we stay open late so that you don’t need to rush things if the work takes a bit longer than you thought. We are a friendly, family-run firm, and always the choice of the professionals for excavator rental in Wonga Park.


Harringtons – My Favourite Shop!

Harringtons, in Broadstairs, Kent, is – without a shadow of a doubt – my favourite shop. You will go a long way to find another treasure like this.

Harringtons is a traditional ironmonger’s and hardware store, the like of which has virtually died out in England, having been overtaken by the giant, but soulless, multiples such as Wickes and B & Q.

You could fit Harringtons into our nearest B & Q fifty or one hundred times, yet they stock almost everything that the larger business does. You need a deadlock of a certain pattern? Harringtons has got it. A bread knife? Certainly, sir. A Pyrex dish? What size do you need?

Brass screws of every size, sold not by the packet, but by the number you require. If you only need two, that’s what you get. If you need an AA battery for your clock you don’t have to buy a pack of four, they will simply sell you one.

Harringtons is a typical old-fashioned shop run for over a hundred years by the same family. They stock virtually anything you need.

Local folk lore has it that the shop was the inspiration for the classic “Two Ronnies” sketch entitled Four Candles, Ronnie Corbett having lived in the town for some while. Whether or not that is true, if you have ever seen the sketch you will identify Harringtons instantly.


Ireland Insurance Watch

Hello, and welcome to Ireland Insurance Watch

I’m Angus Harris and I retired a couple of years ago after a lifetime as an insurance broker.

Over the years the insurance market in Northern Ireland has changed enormously since I started as a lowly office boy in 1967. I do mean lowly. If there was a menial task of any description to be done, it was Angus who got it. I was more of a dogsbody than anything else.

However, in the course of running about the office (it was a fairly large brokerage employing about 30 people) I gradually got to understand what it is that an insurance broker does and how insurance in Northern Ireland worked. As I started to climb up the ladder, I learned everything that I could and, I’m happy to say, passed all my exams with distinction.

In fact, at the age of 29, I realised that I had learned pretty much everything that I could and decided to start my own brokerage. I began by concentrating on motor and vehicle insurance, together with buildings and contents insurance, and after a year I had two employees working for me. At this point I expanded into life insurance, health insurance and long term disability insurance. Over the next four years I took on more employees and separated the different specialities into four divisions, each headed by an expert in the particular field.

In 2012 I eventually sold the business and decided that I should start this website in order to help people understand more about insurance and the various options open to them. The fact is that there is a lot of misunderstanding about insurance – even among some insurance brokers – which means that the layman is often given a policy that is not ideal for his needs.

Did you know, for instance, that many insurance brokers will only use a panel of a limited number of insurers? So, for example, if you need to insure your car you may go to a broker who only puts business with – say – five different insurance companies. What it means to you is that you will only get the best policy out of the five different companies the broker uses. However, it may well be that there is a policy which fits your needs better and/or is cheaper from another company entirely, but you won’t know about it.

I don’t believe that’s fair. I think you should have the policy which exactly fits your needs at the best possible price, not simply the one which earns the broker the most commission.

That’s why I started Ireland Insurance Watch.  Our aim is to keep you updated on all the latest developments in the world of insurance and offer tips and advice on how to get the best policy for the premium you are charged. Getting the right advice can not only save you money on premiums in the short term, but can make a difference of thousands when you have a claim.

Car Insurance

Our car insurance guide covers all the things that you need to know to insure your family car. For example, if you buy a new car from a dealer you will need to insure it for its’ full value, whereas if you have a much older car that is just used as a family runabout it may not be worthwhile paying for fully comprehensive insurance, since the premiums over a couple of years could come to more than the value of the vehicle.

We’ll give you tips on where and how to get the cheapest insurance, while still making sure you’re covered, and how to compare different policies from different companies.

Van Insurance

When you have a van it is because you use it for your work, so if you have an accident it can mean that your income stops overnight. The same applies to a car if you use it largely for business. You need to know that in the event of your van being written off, not only will it be replaced, but that you will automatically be supplied with an immediate hire van while the claim is handled, or while repairs are carried out. We’ll show you how to make sure you get the policy which covers all your needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

Some of the same things can apply to a motorcycle as apply to a van if you use your motorbike for work – as a courier, for instance.

It is also sad, but true, that if you are involved in an accident on your motorcycle you are far more likely to suffer personal injury than if you were driving a car or van. You may want a policy that includes personal injury insurance, or can easily be combined with such a policy. We’ll give advice on how to go about this and where to get the best rates in Ireland.

Ireland Insurance Watch is here to make certain that you have the right policies at the right price for your needs. Check back with us frequently, because there will be regular updates and blog posts covering a wide range of subjects and all the latest news.


Custom Home Builders Melbourne

When considering custom home builders Melbourne you need to ensure that you are dealing with a company that has a track record of success over many years, and thus has the experience and abilities that you need. Avenue Building Group has been creating custom luxury homes Melbourne for over twenty years and is a full service building company that can provide everything that you need.

Unless you are extremely wealthy and money is no object, it is critical that your new home is constructed within your budget, and with no nasty surprises some way down the line. This means that extreme care must be taken over the design and planning stages in order to make certain that every possible item has been taken into consideration. Our architects will sit down with you and listen to your ideas, and make sure that they perfectly understand what you require.

We Consider Our Clients As Partners

At Avenue Building Group we like to consider our clients as partners. We make our reasonable profit, while you finish up with the home of your dreams. What could be better? We become friends from the outset, engaged in a joint pursuit for our mutual benefit. While you may wish to look at our gallery of homes that we have constructed in and around Melbourne over many years, and indeed you may be attracted to some of them, you will obviously have many ideas of your own that you will want to incorporate. Our job is to ensure that all of your wishes are delivered at the end of the project: we do not have the word “impossible” in our vocabulary. However, we wholeheartedly embrace the word “stunning.”

You may already have your site in mind, in which case we can carry out an initial survey and advise you on things such as soil conditions, access, and so on, and you can decide if you wish to leave or remove trees and shrubs so that everything necessary can be included in the proposal, and you will have a firm idea of the cost. Of course, you may wish to stay where you presently live, and we can advise on the demolition of your old home which we can undertake for you and which will be included in the overall cost.

There are some distinct advantages to staying in the same area. Your children can continue to go to the same schools. You can visit the local shops that you have become accustomed to over several years – perhaps your lifetime if you have inherited a home from your parents. You can continue to take part in local activities which you enjoy.

A Change Of Lifestyle

Moving away to somewhere different – even if only ten or twenty miles – will mean a complete change of lifestyle. However, that may well be what you seek: a new life, in new surroundings, in the home of your dreams, which could be impossible to achieve in your present locality. The beauty of using us as your luxury house builders, Melbourne, is that we can create your ideal home wherever you wish to live in or around the city.

There are also financial benefits in taking advantage of our new home builders, Melbourne, construction services. When you have a brand new home, designed completely from scratch, to your own requirements, you will live in a house that is unique. Nobody else in Australia will have a home that is the same – or even similar to yours – because it was built as YOU designed it. Your house will carry your own personal stamp, and will not be like so many others on an estate where homes have been constructed according to the whim of the building company.

There may come a point at some time in the future when you wish to move on again. The kids may have left home to go their own separate ways, and you no longer need so much space, so you might choose to downsize. When it comes to selling a home that is unique, you can more or less ask your own price. It will stand out from all of the other homes in the neighbourhood, and as such will command attention. Over a period of a few years, you can make a very handsome profit on your initial investment, while at the same time living in complete luxury in the meantime.

Difficult Sites Are No Problem For Avenue Building Group

Avenue Building Group can undertake construction on difficult sites such as those sloping uphill, downhill, or across, for example. Split-level homes can be designed so that they fit naturally into the block, rather than using a “standard” design and trying to force it into the site, along with the associated expense of earthworks and retaining walls. Your home needs to maximise the views, while at the same time offering protection as far as possible from prevailing winds, and taking advantage of the sun, and home energy efficiency. Indeed, a sloping site is often chosen because of the views, and our design expertise enables your home to take full advantage of them.

Working on a sloping site can present a number of challenges such as groundwater issues or unstable soil conditions, but at Avenue Building Group we can overcome any of these problems. In addition, there are local council requirements to be met, along with the protection of vegetation and trees, and of course, the rights of neighbours. We don’t regard such so-called “problems” as challenges, but rather as opportunities to make the very best of your site, giving you a once in a lifetime chance to live the way that you want to, rather than the way to which you may have been accustomed.

No matter what your reasons for choosing Avenue Building Group as your custom home builders, Melbourne, you can live a life that is entirely your own, and in a home that is very different from the run-of-the-mill houses that so many people choose to accept. It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

Call us on 0411 – 708256, email on, or just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. We will be very happy to listen to your ideas, and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Having said that, we will be delighted to enter into a partnership with you and to become your friends.


How To Level Your Metal Building Or Carport Site

One of the most important things to consider when installing a carport or other metal building is to ensure that the site is level. While this may involve some manual labor in order to get the site as near to level as possible, the actual measurements are not all that complicated.

The reasons why the site needs to be level are mainly for safety and security purposes. A carport that is off level by more than a few inches becomes top heavy: it is leaning to one side or the other, and this can mean that in a very strong wind coming from the “wrong” direction – i.e. from the side that is higher – it is possible for the anchors to be ripped out of the ground on that side causing the whole construction to be tipped over and fall to the ground.

In addition to that, if the site is not level, some contractors may support the carport or metal building on the side that is lower by placing bricks or other supports under that side of it in order to bring it up to level. What happens in this case is that there are gaps under that side of the building which can allow the entry of mice, rats, or even snakes into it.

Of course, in the case of an open carport that can happen anyway, but you might not want that in some metal buildings, such as a workshop or enclosed garage for instance.

In addition, in the case of enclosed garages and vertical roof carports, if the garage doors are level on one side and four inches off the ground the other, they are not likely to work very well in the long term, and will also look ugly.

A Requirement For Many Suppliers

Ensuring that your site is level is also a requirement for many suppliers, because if it is too far off level they may (quite reasonably) refuse to install it. In today’s society they could find themselves on the wrong side of a law suit if they knowingly installed a carport or metal building on a site too far out of level and there was an accident as a result. This would mean that at the least they would take the carport back to their premises which would involve you, as the customer, in extra expense for them to make a second trip. Many suppliers will have a requirement in their terms and conditions of sale making the customer responsible for the level of the site.

Furthermore, many suppliers use local sub-contractors to install the carport, and they would also be unhappy if they effectively lose a day’s work because of a site that is off level. Some contractors may undertake to level the site, but that would incur extra charges.

Ensuring that your site is level is not very difficult, if a little time-consuming and tedious.

Check For Utilities

Assuming that your carport is going to be installed on the ground, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that there are no utilities running underneath the site. The anchors that are used can be getting on for three feet long, and you don’t want them hitting a gas main or electric power cable. Your utility suppliers will be able to advise you on this.

If the carport or metal building is to be installed on a concrete base this is not so much of a problem because the anchors will not protrude below the base of the concrete, which will probably be no more than a foot deep in any case.

You will need some twine and some pegs, together with a string level which you can find in most hardware stores for a few dollars.

Start by knocking a peg into the ground at one corner of your site. Depending on the amount of slope you may have, the pegs need to be at least 18” long and possibly longer. Ideally, you should place the peg about six inches outside the proposed edge of the carport.

Place Another Peg At The Next Corner

Using your tape measure to define the length of the side of your carport, take another peg and knock it into the ground at the next corner. Repeat this process to obtain the correct position for the pegs at the other two corners. It is not too much of a problem if the pegs are a little out of square, as the installation contractors will ensure that the carport is square when installed.

Now tie the string or twine to what appears to be the highest post. This can be at ground level or higher up the peg. If higher up, measure how far off the ground you have tied the string.

Now take the string down to the lower peg. Place the string level on the string and raise or lower the string up and down the post – ensuring it is tight – until the bubble on the string level is in the middle showing that the string itself is now level. Mark the peg with a marker, because as soon as you let the string go you are relying on your eyesight and memory to tell you where to tie the string. Tie the string to the peg at that point and measure how far off the ground the string is. The difference between the height of the string on your high peg and the lower peg is how far off level your site is. For example, if the string on the high peg is 5” off the ground and on the lower peg it is 11” off the ground your site is off level by 6” (11” – 5”) which is too much. (You can get away with about 4” for a basic open carport).

You Will Need To Level The Site

This means that you will need to level the site by adding dirt at the lower end, or digging it away at the higher point. In most instances it is better to dig away at the higher end rather than add dirt at the lower end, because in the latter case you will have to trample it all down in order to firm it securely, and you may not achieve a base that is firm enough to take the weight of the carport unless you use a heavy roller.

Repeat your measurements for the other corners in order to ascertain the correct figures.

As you can see, ensuring that your site is level is not difficult, even though it may be a little time-consuming. However, remember that your carport or other metal building is going to be there for many years, so it is worth spending a little time on preparation in order to make certain that you have got it right.


Press Release For Villa Disewakan Bali

Bali. May 5th 2015.

Villa Disewakan Bali Announces New Deal For Tourists Visiting Bali.

Tourists wishing to visit the stunning island of Bali now have the choice of many different villas to rent for their stay. Villa Disewakan Bali is offering a wide range of villas in the popular south of the island, including Seminyak and Canggu.

All of the villas available, which have anywhere between two and twelve rooms, are under the direct management of the company. None of the villas is sub-let to third parties. This ensures that the service that those renting any of the villas receive is nothing short of superb.

Most of the villas come with a full time maid and all of the amenities the visitor could wish. Swimming pools and tropical gardens are major features, and the villas are largely tucked away in quiet, secluded areas, yet convenient for the local shops, beaches, and other amenities, which are only a few minutes away.

Included in the villa rental is airport pickup from Bali Airport (Denpasar International Airport) by the Villa Disewakan Bali driver, who is also available for other excursions around the island, as required. The airport is only 30 minutes away, yet the villas do not suffer from any noise from aircraft flying overhead.

The wide choice of villas available includes everything that the visitor could wish. Most have two or three bathrooms, and have TV’s, wi-fi, DVD players, surround sound stereo, and air conditioning as standard. Kitchens are fully equipped, and supermarkets and shopping are usually within walking distance. The night life is also there for those who want it. There are some superb bars and nightclubs offering a variety of entertainment in the warm Bali evenings.

CEO of Villa Disewakan Bali, Benjamin Perard, commented: “We have thought for a long time that tourists visiting the island were not getting best value for money, nor yet that the standards of accommodation were as good as they should be. Bali is a wonderful island, and our visitors deserve nothing less than the best.”

“That’s why we have ensured that the villas available from Villa Disewakan Bali have every amenity that a visitor could possibly ever want, and that every last detail is managed by ourselves. Everything is under our direct control, which enables us to ensure that our visitors have the holiday of a lifetime.”

People wishing to visit Bali, and spend a relaxing holiday on the island can learn more at


For further information, contact Benjamin Perard at